Sunday, April 5, 2009

Words from God

Ok. So this morning Emma’s school had their Fall Festival. The kids at school have been talking all week about how Mr. Cain (the headmaster) will be in the dunk tank and how much fun it is going to be to see him get dunked in the water… nevermind it was like 35 degrees this morning. Well, Emma has not really enjoyed this particular conversation. She has been very worried about Mr. Cain and did NOT want to see him get dunked. When the time finally arrived for her to to experienc ethe dunk tank she wanted to have nothing to do with it. Every other kid in the school was lined up to have their throw, but Emma wanted no part in this queer form of torture.

She did finally realize that no real harm would come to mr. Cain and although would not participate was no longer worried about his well-being.

As we were leaving the Fall Festival she says to me. “Mom, I’m a bad woman.” In an extreme effort to hide my amusement I asked her why she thought such a thing. “Well,” she continues, “If God wants me to dunk Mr. Cain then I really should obey and help everyone dunk him. I don’t want to be scared if it’s what God wants me to do.”

Now I don’t really no how to respond to this nor do I have any clue why she felt it was God’s will to help dunk Mr. Cain in the tank but I just told her that it was too late to dunk Mr. Cain, but next time she felt that God was telling her to do something… she better listen!

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