Sunday, April 5, 2009

Georgia's Newest Dawgs

Saturday was momentous for our two little girls. They participated in a new Danley tradition that we hope to continue for a long time. They enjoyed their first UGA game day experience. WE dressed them up appropriately and traveled to Athens to induct the girls into the Bulldog Nation…. of course they just wanted to see the cheerleaders.

If you know my side of the family you know that this is an act of treachery. I was raised a Tech fan and I have a feeling that when my father sees these pictures I may be cut from the will and uninvited to Christmas, but… I digress.

On the way we passed many cars that had flags or magnets with the UGA logo on the side. Emma kept pointing them out and and at one point I answered “Well Emma… everyone loves the dawgs!” I swear this child must have a sixth sense because she promptly asked “Does Papa love the Dawgs?” Um… that would be an emphatic “NO!” “Does Grammy love the dawgs?” Let me rephrase here…. “Well…. a lot of people like the Dawgs Emma… but Grammy and Papa definitely aren’t two of them.”

When we finally rached Athens it was a true Georgia game day. Lots of red and black. Tons of tailgating! The girls were very excited. Payton learned to say, “Goooooooo Dawgs! ‘Sic ‘em! Woof woof woof!” Too funny. They enjoyed our tailgating experience and were so excited to see REAL Georgia Cheerleaders! (Of course we do not have pictures with Hairy Dawg considering Emma’s fear of masked beings).

As the game began the girls and Kyler were so excited. They were all cheering and holding up signs… we were ready for a game.

First Quarter: Georgia had quick touchdown, scoring in the first 5 minutes of the game. As the crowd roared with excitement Emma asked what happened! Wryeton quickly told her that the Dawgs had won the game! They both cheered with excitement! As the crowd settled down Emma turned to me and asked when we would be leaving. Oh well. All in all the kids did great. We left shortly after half-time and played outside the stadium while we waited for Eric and Michael to finish the game. We had a great time!


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