Sunday, April 5, 2009

Soccer Phenom and Color Wars

This past Saturday… perfect Soccer weather btw.. Emma had her 3rd soccer game. We picked her up from my parents house where her and Pay spent the night. My dad informed me that he asked Emma if she actually liked soccer or if she as just doing it to please her mother, to which she promptly replied that she was indeed just playing to placate me. However that may be something has changed in our little scared soccer player as she scored 3 goals for her team leading the ‘Pink Princesses’ to a 6-3 win over the ‘Soccer Balls’! Not that we keep score or anything.

Payton on the other hand is fighting her own battles… learning her colors. Unfortunately she is a victim of second child syndrome. i know Emma had her colors memorized by this age mostly because I am psycho mom who used every possible moment to educate her child… I guess I have let that continue and left poor Payton by the wayside… this was pointed out to me this weekend when we visited good friends who have a daughter a month younger than Payton who already knows all her colors…. in SPANISH! Not surprising really her mom is a teacher too… and she is a first child.

I also have to say that I am really enjoying getting to know Payton without Emma around. That may sound harsh, but Emma has such a dominant personality that Payton tends to get overshadowed and I feel so blessed to get to know this shy, imaginative little ball of humor.

Either way… we have been tackling red, pink and purple this week… we’ll move to the blues and greens as time goes on!

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