Sunday, April 5, 2009

Soccer Mom

Well, some of you may know that I am a bit competetive so introducing Emma to sports at an early age may come as no surprise. We recently signed Emma up to play soccer at the local YMCA with her good friend Wryeton. It would be their first season playing soccer, but we felt there would really be no issue with Emma. She started out strong at her first two practices. Looked good on the field and we practiced at home as well. Emma was excited to play and although maybe not the best player on the team, I felt confident with her ability. Wryeton had a few tears at practice and I was proud that Emma seemed so sure of herself. Game day arrived and as we talked about the game on the way I explained that there would be a team wearing white shirts teying to get the ball away from her. She responded that she would “get the ball away from the girls in white and [she] would win the game!” I felt certain I had nothing to fear. Emma was sure to be a soccer phenom.

As warm-up began we all felt good. Wryeton looked a little uncertain, but fought through with no tears! The game started and we were proud to see our tow little girls were “starters”. The other team kicked off and the crowd commenced around the ball…. except for Emma. She didn’t seem to realize that she needed to chase the ball wherever it went! She just watched the ball and as it began to dawn on her that this wouldn’t be over for quite some time she got upset. She walked over to the sidelines and started to bawl all the while yelling that she “didn’t want to play soccer anymore!” Oh my… this could not be my strong willed child! Not MY kid! No! My kid would surely want to win at all cost! Good competition was in her genes! Where did this come from…. it must be her father. That’s it. Well. They took Emma out of the game. Wryeton also seemed a little scared to commence in some good ball kicking action so after the other team scored two quick goals our “starters” quickly became benchwarmers. They seemed to be really enjoying themselves on the sidlines while our two star players, Lily and Rachel tied up the game. Wryeton came back in and did great almost scoring a goal (even if it was for the other team)! Emma was talked into coming in during the 4th quarter and did run up and down the field a bit. I’m not sure her little foot ever touched the ball, but hey… she didn’t cry again…. small blessings right!

I myself had noticed a new trend in that my competative nature didn’t end with my own challenges. It was almost as if I myself was competing on that miniature soccer field. I couldn’t help it. I kept score and rooted for the team even though my own kid was off smelling daisies on the sidelines. Some might say I was just being a good team player. Unfortunately, I know better. Hopefully as we continue in the season both of us will get better. I will learn to control my competitive nature and Emma will learn to control her fragile emotion. For now, I hope you enjoy the pictures of our first soccer game.

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