Monday, February 15, 2010

Switching Gears

Well, since Eric isn't here... I guess I'll just talk to the keyboard. Wow, my life is sad these days. I wonder sometimes if my mom ever felt this way when my dad worked late, and then of course I realize...NO! How could she? I mean I was at home with her right!? Thank goodness for my own kids. Otherwise, the nights would be super lonely.
Ok... so it seems I'm wallowing in self-pity tonight. I need to snap out of that!

So, we had Emma's 3rd Quarter conference the other day and it was less than stellar. It was disappointing. I guess I knew that Emma was struggling at home, but I didn't realize it had transferred to school. The sad thing is, I take the blame on myself. I have pushed her so hard that she doesn't want to do anything! Who can blame her... In case you don't know me... I'm a wee bit aggressive. All in all the whole thing has been a wake up to me as a mom. I have learned that all people aren't me. (shocker right!) Emma has a different learning style and motivation than I have and I need to learn to meet that. I can say that since I have had this little enlightenment and changed my way of addressing her there has already been a turn around even in the short few days since the conference. Example: Tonight she took the book out of my hands and told me to stop reading because she wanted to do it. That is HUGE! Woohoo!

All in all, I was crushed, but not defeated. I think that I needed it for the sake of my relationship with Emma. As parents I think we are called to be their cheerleaders. Who else is going to do it if we don't? So, I'm switching gears. We shall see if she reaps the rewards.