Monday, February 15, 2010

Switching Gears

Well, since Eric isn't here... I guess I'll just talk to the keyboard. Wow, my life is sad these days. I wonder sometimes if my mom ever felt this way when my dad worked late, and then of course I realize...NO! How could she? I mean I was at home with her right!? Thank goodness for my own kids. Otherwise, the nights would be super lonely.
Ok... so it seems I'm wallowing in self-pity tonight. I need to snap out of that!

So, we had Emma's 3rd Quarter conference the other day and it was less than stellar. It was disappointing. I guess I knew that Emma was struggling at home, but I didn't realize it had transferred to school. The sad thing is, I take the blame on myself. I have pushed her so hard that she doesn't want to do anything! Who can blame her... In case you don't know me... I'm a wee bit aggressive. All in all the whole thing has been a wake up to me as a mom. I have learned that all people aren't me. (shocker right!) Emma has a different learning style and motivation than I have and I need to learn to meet that. I can say that since I have had this little enlightenment and changed my way of addressing her there has already been a turn around even in the short few days since the conference. Example: Tonight she took the book out of my hands and told me to stop reading because she wanted to do it. That is HUGE! Woohoo!

All in all, I was crushed, but not defeated. I think that I needed it for the sake of my relationship with Emma. As parents I think we are called to be their cheerleaders. Who else is going to do it if we don't? So, I'm switching gears. We shall see if she reaps the rewards.


Angel said...

I'll pray for you two. You are a great Mom. And Emma loves you. It's all about grace darlin'. As I always say, we're not perfect moms and we never will be. But God created Emma because ONLY you (Eric, too) were meant to help her see and experience her God-given gifts and talents.

let's get together soon. since eric is working later these days, i can come over one evening after ryan gets home...or maybe we can meet for coffee...

love ya!

Heather H said...

you are SUCH a good mom. i love to see you whip her right into shape (just like i do with Annie).

it's awesome that you can see what the issue is and know how to help her. most people never see it (or refuse to -- or are in denial) .. but, girl - you are head on just going to the root and i respect that so much.

keep it up. she's going to be with Annie Lou next year .. i have no doubts.