Saturday, March 13, 2010


We received Emma's report card in the mail this week, and she has DRAMATICALLY improved! I see so much change in her at home too. I am so excited about her growth, yet I also know that it is all God. Lessons learned in parenting are all about being willing to listen and admit mistakes.
She is still a drama queen! So if you have any tips on how to handle extreme sensitivity in 5 year old girls let me know!

Payton on the other hand LOVES to learn. I know that it is because she is wanting to keep up with Emma, but the other day in the car she started reciting the pledge to the American flag, which she has memorized at school! I was floored, and immediately felt guilty because I rarely ask he what she is learning at school. So, I asked her what else she knew. She started reciting the pledge to the Bible and the Christian Flag. I was now just laughing at her abilities. Second Child Syndrome at its finest! She asks all the time to read and go over numbers and letters. She is going to be hard to hold back.

Emma has an Oratory Recital at school where she has had to learn a poem to recite to her class and a panel of judges. She does great with me and Eric but freezes in front of others. Payton has also learned the poem due to Emma reciting it so much and does fabulously in front of others. She will have no problem at her first Oratory Recital... but please keep Emma in your prayers on March 22!

Love my girls!!

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