Monday, March 22, 2010

Oratory Recital

Many of you may recall how I told you about Emma's Oratory Recital. I'm not sure whether I told you that the winner of the class would have to preform in front of the K-4th grades and their parents. I didn't mention it because I was sure it wouldn't matter. I just wanted Emma to be able to say her poem without freezing or getting upset. I didn't even send in a prop or give her a costume... I know... bad mom!
I received a call from her teacher this morning stating that Emma had been chosen (along with her friend Carson) to go forward and say her poem in front of the bigger crowd! How exciting... and nerve racking (is that supposed to be spelled with a 'w'?)! She said Emma did great at reciting her poem. I was so proud of her! Now we get to go see her recite it on April 1st! Yay Emma!!
(I was told to get her a costume and a prop... any ideas?)

Edit: The poem is titled "Seven Blackbirds in a Tree"

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