Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Golf Lessons

Well... it has been a busy two days! YEsterday the girls had their second golf lesson and were excited to keep practicing when we got home. Afterdinner we headed back out and the girls practiced their driving and chipping towards the cul-de-sac. They had to run to the street to get the balls before they went down the drain. I too got the itch to hit so I grabbed some of the wiffle type golf balls and started driving using my mom's old clubs. I however was not as careful as my children and ended up wacking Emma in the eye at close range with one of the wiffle balls on the best shot I had all day! IT wasn't pretty, but there wasn't any blood; just a very puffy and red eye. THis morning we woke up and although it was still a little swollen we sent her off to school for her "Boosterthon Fun Run" day. (This was a PCA fundraiser. Emma got pledges of dollar amounts per lap and today was the run) At about 8:30 I received a phone call from the school nurse and they said that Emma told her she was seeing spots. I called the ophthalmologist and finally got her an appointment for this afternoon. (She was able to run the fun run and ran 35 laps! The most you can run! WOOHOO!) The Eye technician asked Emma to read the eye chart. She started it about halfway down and Emma didn't respond so she moved it all the way up. Emma then told her that was an 'E'. She then moved it down a few and again Emma didn't respond. By now, I was starting to panic about the possibility that she really wasn't able to see. But then we moved it back up a line and singled out one letter and she was able to see it. We moved it back down and again. Silence. At this point I asked her if she could see it. "yes, I can see it!" "Well, what does it say then!" "Well, I'm trying to sound it out but I can't figure out the word!" Oh wow. I have never breathed a sigh of relief and laughed so hard at the same time. Poor girl has never had her eyes checked before! She didn't know she wasn't supposed to make words out of all those letters! Ahhh parenthood is so funny at times. Emma's eye is fine. She just needs some steroid drops for the next few days. Hope the school nurse is ready for that!!!


Melissa said...

She is too cute, and that is the hardest I have laughed all day. I am glad she is alright!

Heather H said...

oh my WORD. i was starting to panic!!!
so glad that is all that it was. she was rockin it at the run ... determined. set on the goal.

so good to see YOU too!