Monday, October 12, 2009

A Disney Experience

This past weekend the girls and I were off for a LONG four-day-weekend… so Eric and I decided to take the girls to Disney World with Matt, Stephanie and Gracie! We didn’t tell them where we were going… or even that we were going anywhere! I picked up Payton and Emma and we set off to get Dad and leave. They were so surprised! We reached the condo at about 2:30 in the morning and when we woke up in the morning they still had no clue what we were going to do. We had decided to go to Sea World on Friday because they weren’t doing the big parade on Friday night at Disney World and we definitely didn’t want to miss that. Friday morning Stephanie and I sat them down and videoed them when we told them. Gracie has been to Disney World and Sea World before so she had more of a clue than Emma and Payton. When we told them that we were going to see Michey where he lived Emma’s face just lit up in shock!

Friday: We headed out to Sea World and saw all the fun shows. Despite the fact that it was about 200 degrees outside we had great fun! We went to see the Shamu show first and learned all sorts of things about killer whales. It was a great show and Emma loved it! However, Payton kept asking when we were leaving. I guess that watching the trainers ride around on huge man-eating mammals who at any moment could swallow them whole just isn’t that interesting!

After that we saw the penguins, lots of fish, rode some fun rides with an under-the-sea theme and saw some more great shows. The last show we saw was the Dolphin Extavaganza! This show was AMAZING! The dophins were great, the acrobats were great and the huge parrots that gave Matt and fly by were really great!

To wrap up the night we went to Chili’s ate a ton of food and went back to the condo for much needed sleep!

Saturday: We woke up early and dressed for DISNEY! After a car ride, a train ride, a monorail ride and a stroller ride we arrived on Main Street USA! The girls were so overwhelmed with all they saw!

We went straight to the Flying Dumbo ride, followed up by the Teacups! Then we headed to the Haunted Mansion and the list goes on and on! The highlight of the trip for the girls was meeting the Disney Princesses! We were able to meet Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Cinderella, and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. We got their autographs and pictures…. It was all just too much!

We were also able to meet Mickey and Minnie which was like all Disney promises… a dream come true!

Besides the kiddie rides Emma and Payton also rode the Thunder Mountain Railroad and the Barnstormer… both pretty tough roller coasters! They are so brave!

That evening we stayed to see the Spectromajic Parade… which was indeed Spectromajical. The fireworks afterward were amazing as well! When Disney does something they do it right!

Sunday: After a long night the evening before we too our time heading out. We strolled through Downtown Disney, took more pictures, and bought some Christmas Presents for our nephews. Emma also tried her hand at photography and took this picture of Eric and me!

Then we headed over to Aquarius (the Sea World waterpark) and spent the rest of the day riding ALL the rides the girls were tall enough to ride, which was all but one. The first ride we went on was one where you had to go down on a mat on your stomach. It was a through a pitch black tunnel and you came out to go straight down to the end. Payton, Emma and Eric went first because I had to push Payton off and as I came down and found it quite scary I thought for sure that Payton would have flipped out. As I got out all I heard was Payton asking to do it again. Those girls never cease to amaze me.

All in all we had a great weekend! We hope you did too!