Sunday, April 5, 2009

Payton Vs. Dr. Yalif

Well, as stated in my last post, Payton was slated to go see the plastic surgeon this morning because he wasn’t happy with the closure he did on Sunday at the hospital. He was planning on giving her a little “fun air” and putting her to sleep. However, the anesthesiologist said that putting her to sleep for a few stitches was a bit of “overkill”. HA. He doesn’t know Payton! He said that instead he would giver her something to drink that would make her act a bit drunk but subdue her enough for them to put in the stitches and it would also cause her not to be able to remember anything. I obliged and as I have no clue about medicinal practices deferred to what the doctors thought was best. Unfortunately, they made this decision right before Payton decided to throw up all over me and herself. Fun Morning. Luckily we had only given her water and a little apple juice. It was enough for them to have to delay the procedure for two hours so we just sat there for a while and then we went in search of a Target for some new clothes but couldn’t find one. Oh well…

When we got back to the office they had mixed her drink and they also put the topical numbing stuff on her nose. She did not want to drink the potion.. and after tasting it… I can tell you she was right. It was NASTY. It filled up about half of a sprite can and she FINALLY drank it all after we played all sorts of games and feeding all the stuffed animals they had for sale in the lobby. “Tiger takes a drink, Payton takes a drink” She told me she wanted to take the tiger home to “daaaaaaaaaddy” (She was also slurring a bit by now). I promised her we could until I saw the FIFTY DOLLAR price tag on the tiger… but oh well this medicine wouldn’t let her remember right? When they got her back to the room she was quite loopy. Not so different from her usual self. Very happy and funny but stumbling all over the place… ok so really not so different from her normal self. They started to clean off the glue from yesterday and she got very sleepy. She was awake but just laying there looking up at the ceiling. When Dr. Alif came in to put in the stitches she looked like she wouldn’t move for anything… until he poked her with a needle. Unfortunately she had taken too longwith the drinking and the topical was wearing off, so they had to put four different shots oflocal anesthesia into her nose. But that time it was taking two nurses and my to hold her down. With all her moving and screaming and the fact they had taken the glue off her wound she was now starting to bleed quite a bit again. There was no one left to mop it up so it just ran down her face while he tried to get her stitched up. Dr. Alif FINALLY got the stitches in through the blood, the squirming and the screaming of “LET ME GO RIGHT NOW!” over and over again. I looked at the doctor and asked him where is that anesthesiologist and his “overkill” now. He stated through clenched teeth that he would be sure to let him know how it all worked out and apologized profusely for having to put BOTH of us through that.

As we left Payton caught sight of her Tiger and she most certainly did remember that she was taking him home. I bit my lip and bought him as she started throwing the first of two very big and very un-Payton like temper tantrums. She began to kick and scream at the top of her lungs that she wanted both tigers. People were staring. It was mortifying. Once in the car she acted like nothing had happened and began singing a cute little song to her ONE fifty-dollar tiger.

At McDonalds the second of the temper tantrums occurred. She was kicking me this time and screaming at the top of her lungs. By this point all I could do was laugh and I was very tempted to say to her as all the parents looked on with mouths wide open, “Do you want another bloody nose? Keep it up and you will have it!” However, I decided that might not be the best way to go about things. I’m sure by the looks of her they already thought that was what had happened the first time.

Right now she is sleeping and hopefully Satan and the loopy liquid is exiting her little body and all I will be left with is my very beat-up looking precious little Payton. Here is a picture from today. She tried to smile… so pathetic. her eyes are much more purple today and I have been told they will only worsen. So Sad. dsc02168

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