Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Merry Danley Christmas

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Tonight was Emma’s very first school Christmas pageant. I know that I will attend at least 14 (Payton’s included) more of these, but this being her and my first one, it was some what special.. and stressful.
About 3 weeks ago the headmaster at Dominion asked me to be in charge of costuming. The K4 and K5 classes combined were going to be acting our a nativity scene. Very cute in theory…
I was so excited about the possibility of Emma being a little angel. White costume, wings, halo… all very perfect. It would make my Christmas scene ideal…. until I got the cast list and found my little angel had been cast as a… sheep. It could be worse… she could have been a bale of hay!

So there I was with the task of creating 4 angels, 3 sheep, 3 wisemen, 2 shepherds, a donkey, a virgin mother, a carpenter and a star. What did I do first… called my sister in law. She was in charge of a wise-man so I figured she could help. She really was my lifesaver. She found the pattern and got all the material for most of te costumes. We finally got them completed and I FINALLY found white pants in December for the sheep and we were set.

Night of the performance: I was one the phone when I left the house (KELLY) and totally forgot the safety pins, the bobby pins and the last two halo’s for the angels. Eric had to rush home and made it as the kids were about to march in… I quickly got the kids costumed and sat down right before they all walked in. The K5 and K4 were only on the stage at the end so they had to sit through the first 25 or so minutes.
As they walked on the risers my heart sank as half of the halo’s were lopsided, the angels wings were crooked, the wise-men’s robes were falling off, the shepherds looked like they were going to hit each other, and the star…. well that’s a story I will let Lane tell. My ideal nativity scene was suddenly replaced with this….this….. perfect rendition of the chaos that must have been going on the night that Jesus was born. I mean, let’s think about it. The shepherds were awoken by a heavenly host… not your most likely alarm clock, the Wisemen had just traveled many miles toward a star they didn’t even know the meaning of, and Mary had just given birth… alone…. in a stable. As a mother I know I didn’t look that good with 5 nurses a doctor and a cushy hospital room.
It is amazing how God can take our ‘ideal’ situations and change them all around and make them perfect.
I know you are all wondering how the sheep fared! She was great. There was a time not so long ago that I would have been grief stricken with worry that my child would be the one causing a scene and goofing off causing me utter embarrassment…. and a little bit of pride. But my little Emma has grown up a lot in the past few months. She sang her song and sat perfectly still in the nativity scene. Who is this girl!

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