Sunday, April 5, 2009

Biblical Wisdom From Emma

It is amazing how the truth of the Bible has withstood thousands of years… and then Emma gets a hold of it. On our way home from Awana tonight Emma began to tell me the story of Adam and Eve. Here are her words: “Mom, Adam and Eve ate a vegetable off of the tree and God told them, [read with emphasis] ‘GO, GO, Get out of the forest now!’ He told them not to eat and they didn’t obey the first time, so they had to leave the forest.” What a sad tale. Now that isn’t exactly how I remembered the story… I know that we aren’t sure that it was a fruit on the tree… but that is the basic telling… and I don’t remember a forest being involved… but hey, maybe they are just trying to get the kids to stay out of forests.. who am I to say! At least she got the basic gist of the story.

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