Sunday, April 5, 2009

Payton Vs. Swing

Well… I was planning on updating the blog this week anyway to highlight my little Payton turning 3 years old! She has had such a fun month with getting her ears peirced having a family birthday party the weekend before her birthday, celebrating with friends this past weekend at her Curious George Birthday Party and celebrating Poppa’s birthday today! However, the events of today trump all that. While all the adults were inside watching a movie, Emma came in screaming “Mommy, Payton is bleeding!” I jump up because Emma seemed a little more upset than normal and as I rushed outside I see Payton walking toward the house absolutely covered in blood. I have never before been more in shock. I scoop her up and rush her inside where I started washing her face off. At first I thought it was just a very bloody and swollen nose but quickly realized she had a sizable gash right between her eyes. I knew immediately she would need stitches so my mother and I whisked her off to the hospital. On the very bumpy and jerky ride there I was most afraid because all she wanted to do was go to sleep. I of course am thinking… “ok.. she has a head wound and she wants to fall asleep.. not good” So I’m freaking out and trying to keep her awake by asking her all sorts of questions. when we finally reached the hospital she was alert enough yet still bleeding. They saw us in triage and sent us back to wait in the waiting room. I think it was then that I realized this wouldn’t be too serious.. but I did feel awkward sitting in the watiting room with my daughter covered in blood, still bleeding and by this time asleep in my arms. They finally called us back to “Rapid Treatment” (whatever). Where they looked at her and decided she did in deed need stitches and most likely had a broken nose. When Eric got there he decided that HIS daughter would not have a PA do her stitches but deservred a plastic surgeon. I decided that if we were going to follow through with her modeling career then we should go with that. They called the on-call surgeon, who was VERY nice. He tried to Dermabond her because he felt that would be less traumatic than watching a needle go back and forth between her eyes. Unfortunately, Payton kept moving and he was unhappy with the job he did. I am all for less scarring so even though he said what he did would work, he really felt that he could do better in his office. So tomorrow mornign we are headed there to have Payton sedated so that he can put in a few stitches.

So… the realistic story is that in a few days Payton with have two big black eyes and what they tell us will be all sorts of ungodly discoloring on her face. Not to mention her stitched up nose and the fact that at any time her nose could start bleeding again. (Right now there is gauze taped to her face because it had still not stopped bleeding when she went to bed tonight.

Through it all she was such a trooper though. I am so proud of her and so blessed that God took such good care of her. I know that it could always be worse and if this is the worst I have to go through with her then that is fine with me.

Please say a prayer for her though. I am sure by tomorrow she will be feeling more pain than she was today. here are some pics!

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