Sunday, April 5, 2009

Emma Rides Again

This weekend we had an unexpected occurance in the Danley Family. After my recent desiscion to spend more time with my kids and NOT on the computer I went outside on Friday afternoon to enjoy the rest of what was a gorgeous afternoon and wait on our firned Luke and Jamie and Micah to arrive for dinner. Mason, our 6 year old neighbo, was also outside showing Emma all his cool new tricks he can do on his bike (riding blind was one… slightly scary). I saw a look of curiosity on her face and asked her if she wanted to try riding on my sister’s old bike from 1994. She agreed and we were off. This bike is pretty big so although she did well at balancing right away I continued to run next to her becasue if she were to fall then I’m pretty sure we would be going to see Dr. Yalif (Plastic Surgeon and new BFF) with my eldest daughter. Mason was excited about the prospect of having someone to ride with soon and let Emma ride his bike. She did great! She was good at balancing, but not so much with the turning or the stopping. After a while of this our friends got there so she took up playing football with the boys instead of riding.

However, on Saturday morning she was at it again. We took the training wheels off her LITTLE dora bike that Kelly gave her when she turned three and although it is still pretty small for her we set off for the park and a more level riding field. Once she had the space it was all she needed. She became a riding genius. I am so proud of her effort this weekend. I love Emma, but she is somewhat of a quitter. Once thingdsc02189s get tough she normally likes to bow out if I don’t push her. But this was all her. She must have fallen 100 times over the past 2 days but she kept getting right back on. In the bathtub tonight her little body is riddled with bruises (I’m worried about yet another call to DFCS) but she did it. In some ways it was just like you see on tv with the parent holding on to the back of the bike and then letting go only to watch them fall… yet eventually get it. Very Surreal, very special and very emotional. Excited and proud mom says, “I was able to teach my daughter to ride a bike!” Emotional Mom who thinks time is going by WAY too fast says, “AHHHHHHH My baby knows how to ride a bike!” I’m sure it was jsut the first of MANY MANY times in which I am going to have to let her go and do it on her own. My only solace is the fact that I know that although I have to let her go, I know that God never will. He will be the one that holds her tight when I have to let her grow up. dsc02182

Here are some pictures and link to a video of her riding (I know.. I’m insane).

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