Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's Summertime and the Living is Easy!

It's a NeW day!  

I have a new outlook. 

I have a new organized house 
 (ok... so the frames don't have pictures yet... I'm getting there!)

I have a new TAN!  
(pictures to come)

After school let out we headed to Charleston. 

 Photo By:  Emma Danley- Battery Park, Charleston, SC

We ran into my favorite family in the world, the Mullers.  
(Seriously, these people are my second set of parents and my 3 little sisters.)
 It was surreal to see these "little girls" with my little girls. 
I had the pleasure responsibility to teach Emma about the Civil War.  Despite her disappointment that the south lost... (after all... she's a southern girl!) she was interested to learn more about it... 
and this crazy looking flag! 

Then we went to Hilton Head! 
 Oh my

 She wore an itsy-bitsy teenie-weenie yellow polka dot bikini

Our yearly tree picture.

I still remember the first one
 (Don't judge.. gained 70 lbs with Emma and this was only 8 weeks later!)

We came home to a busy weekend full of friends, friends and watermelon baby carriages?!  
We were able to take a trip to see my grandmother.
 (on the hammock)

  I love how the "country" brings out the country in the girls! 

Best picture ever this week!

Then... on to a very relaxing first few weeks of summer spent at the pool.  
So far... Emma has placed 4th and 5th.... 
Payton.... didn't come in last!  

Top 10 List list of reasons why I love summer break:  

10. Organizing the house in the hopes of putting it on the market
9.  Celebrating mine and Amanda's birthday at Cinco's
8. Hanging out at the pool with friends old and new!
7. Watching Payton learn to swim 
6. Reading 5 6 books so far!
5. Watching the Hills with Alina 
4. Seeing DEBBIE!
3. Watching Emma become more competitive (this was a close tie with number 1)
2.The ability to spend so much time with two awesome little girls!

and the number 1 reason why I love summer break... 



God is so good. 

(Stay tuned for an upcoming post devoted to Taylor Lautner and the ladies who love him... coming soon...)


Heather said...

i already SEE that tan! :) you look so beautiful .. and the girls? i could eat em up.

love the tree picture -- you look amazing. i did have to take a double take at the 1st one ... thankfully, you've lost all your baby weight. Me? well, still trying :) A.C.'s only 6 right?

Alina said...

And more "Hills" episodes!!

Stephanie said...

Glad to see you are having a good summer! Miss you!!