Friday, May 21, 2010

Ever Wondered...

I just got the "Buddy Mail" for this week.  For those of you readers who don't go to Grace then you should know that it's the message our pastor sends out each week to let us know what the sermon is going to be on and where his heart is.  This week is especially intriguing to me considering the week I have had.  It starts out...

Ever find yourself in unfamilar territory? 
Sometimes things do not turn out the way we thought they would. 
Sometimes things take a turn that we did not anticipate. 
Those kinds of turns tend to disorientate us. 

Have you ever felt disorientated?  I can tell you that right now... I'm feeling it.  Things I thought to be true have been proven false.  Walls I thought I could lean on turned out to be curtains.  Yet, through it all I'm not shaken!  I have learned this year 3 things.  One:  I love my husband more than words can express. (Even if I can't always show that)  Two:  Good friends are there no matter the cost.(even if it is REALLY expensive popcorn)  Three:  God has a plan for this life of mine that I am not even aware of (yes hopefully it will involve more kids in this house in some fashion!)  Even without numbers 1 & 2, number 3 makes it possible for me to walk when I can't see the path.

So regardless of the twists and turns in my life, I know that everything is going to be ok.  God has blessed me in this life more than I can even imagine.  I have a great husband, great kids, great friends and a great job.  Remember the important things in life as you head into your weekend.  Love others and never take them for granted.

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