Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Long time coming

In my last post I showed you the room for the baby I was expecting... that was 10 months ago. On Friday that baby boy will be 9 months old.  My how the time flies!  I have loved every minute of watching my little boy grow from a tiny baby to happy, bubbly, loud 9-month old. 

It dawned on me today as I was holding my newest nephew, Ethan Shane, just how quickly they grow up.  Then I went and picked up my 2nd born 6 year old from school.  Have I mentioned that she is purposely lying about the answers to questions you ask her to see if you can catch her?  Without skipping a beat she tells me false answers to questions I already know that she knows the answers to.  What is that about?  Man.  They really do grow up... and outsmart you.  Still later I was helping my 2nd grader study for  a test on Martin Luther King.  I remarked to her that he died in the same year that my parents had been married.  After the initial shock about the fact that her grandmother was alive at the same time as MLK Jr. wore off she asked if they had been friends and then thought a second and said, "No.  I guess they wouldn't have because they were segregated."  Segregated?  That's a big word to use in a conversation with a 7-yea-old.  After thinking some more she then remarked on the fact that he had died in the same year her grandparents were married by saying, "It was the beginning of one life and the end of another."  When did she grow up?  Who is little person sitting in front of me and when exactly did she change into someone I can hold a regular conversation with?  

After the lying, the studying, the crying, the protesting, the upset tummies, the poopy diapers, the homework, the spilled milk, the uneaten dinners (and this was all today) I think I want another one.  ;)

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deb said...

I'd take another one in a heartbeat. I know exactly what and how you feel.