Friday, September 18, 2009

The Times... They Are A Changin'

You know how I know? I didn't post a whole blog about Emma's first day of school this year until um... almost 2 months in. Wow. Poor Payton. You probably won't even know she goes to school! Trials of a working mom. Well I have almost... 10 minutes to write and I think I shall take them. We have been busy with... life. School started back. I went back to work. Payton went back to Dana's. Eric lost his job. Eric found a new/old job. Life goes on.
We are incredibly blessed. Emma is doing WONDERFULLY at Providence. She says that Annie is her new best friend. She loves her teacher Mrs. Carter. And when I ask her what she did during the day she says, "I played on the playground!" Well, at least she is having fun learning and she doesn't even know it. Our first parent conference is next week and I'm sure I'll post after that.

Payton. Wow. She is about 1 inch shorter than Emma now. 2 inches taller than Emma was when she turned 4. Did I mention Payton is only 3? I keep telling Emma she is going to outgrow her... and soon. We have to get her a new bike soon... why? Because she rode the toddler bike, that wasn't supposed to be ridden like Payton lies to ride, into the ground. It is TORN up. Her new favorite passion is drawing. She takes a pad of paper wherever she goes. Like a little Picasso. Maybe... this new passion will explain why she is moody, has a dark mysterious side and says her favorite color is black. Oh the thought of the teenage years.

Ok. My 10 minutes are up. Here are some recent pics!

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Heather H said...

yay! love it. going back to read on back thru your life.

LOVE emma - her spunk makes me laugh.

"Annie's mom" ;)