Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Updates

Well, so far it has been an extremely fun and an extremely BUSY summer. Three weddings and a vacation later we have made it past the 4th of July! I have already posted on the Chicago wedding so I will only show a few pics of Hayley and Lauren's Weddings (SEPARATE weddings BTW!) Both were gorgeous and so much fun.Hayley and Matt got married on June 16th at a gorgeous outdoor ceremony that was so them. Light and fun, but very classy and elegant. It was a wonderful night!

Lauren got married a week later at the Roswell country club. It also was so beautiful and elegant. I was so excited that Eric and I were able to be included in such a special day for both of them! In between weddings we took a family/friend vacation down to Panama City with the Giddens family! On Sunday we were lucky enough to be able to celebrate Jayse's birthday with him in Panama city! It was good to see Jay and Carlotta and Jayse. For the reat of the week we had a great time hanging out on the beach and at the pool. Michael and Elizabeth also introduced us to the world of Killer Bunnies and the Low Country Boil. Both wonderful times! Emma and I also beat EVERYONE on the racetrack at the go-cart place. (that was the best time).
On Friday we headed over to Destin to hang out with Jeff and Sully and the kids! It was fun to see them... and then it was good to head home!

For the 4th Eric and I got up and ran the Peachtree. It has been a long standing tradition that he has only missed once since we were dating (he was away on business.. bleh. But Kelly stood in as my 'partner'!) I really wasn't looking forward to running this time... but I didn't want to give up on pretty much the only tradition that Eric and I do together.

We have most definitely NOT been training for this with the busy summer so... we didn't do that well. One hour and 10 minutes. Double Bleh. Oh well. The one thing about the Peachtree.... there is always next year.

After the race we drove up to Cleveland and spent time at the cabin with the extended Family. We had a great time grilling and swimming in the creek. Emma has been especially brave this summer after learning to boogie board... she now is jumping in the creek and swimming in the frigid temperatures and crazy rapids! (well... maybe not too crazy... but rapids none-the-less) Crazy girl.After the cabin we decided to suck it up and head down to Decatur for some fireworks! It was fun hanging out with Kelly, Jo and Keisha. We had a great (busy) 4th.

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