Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Well, it has been a while since I updated on what's going on in the Danley household. So, this may be a long one.
First off. It SNOWED! Does anyone remember that? I know I have posted since then, but I just found this video I took of the girls. I think I will title What-southern-kids-do-when-it-snows-becasue-it-never-snows-and-we-don't-have-the-right-stuff.

Yup... it's a recycle bin. Ahhhh... Georgia.

Second, Payton learned to ride her bike! She's amazing. We never would have guessed that just 2 months after our tearful moments with Emma getting bigger and learning to ride her bike Payton, at the age of 3, would be zooming away on one too.
It is out fault really. I was too lazy to look for the bolt that would make Payton's training wheels quit bending upwards. So she only had one choice, repeatedly fall or learn to balance. Here she is right after I took off the training wheels.

We have already been able to do a lot of things this summer. Emma is on swim team and she finally made it off the Bubbles and on to the actual team! Last week she came in 7th in Backstroke in her first meet! We are so proud... however, I wasn't there so I can't say if there were only 7 girls swimming or not! We have another one tomorrow so I may post video of Emma swimming after the meet.

Last week Eric and I went to Chicago to attend a good friend of mine's wedding. I was a bridesmaid and it was my first trip to Chicago (barring a trip when I was 4). While we were there we celebrated my 30th... or my 2nd 29th birthday! Eric took me to lunch at the John Hancock Building and then I was surprised because some of our other friends flew up early and we all went out to dinner! I will have pictures of the wedding and Chicago later... at this point my camera battery is dead and I can't find the charger... I'm afraid it is still in the windy city!
I do have some video of Chicago.. I was taking this for my sister-in-law who told me to take video of Chicago... so I was being very touristy!

Eric and I were also able to visit Navy Pier, Wrigley Field, Cellular Field and a bunch of fun parks. I will write more when I can upload pictures.

Besides traveling and swim team, we have been able to hang out with friends and enjoy the wonderful weather! Not much else going on here! I'll be sure to keep you updated on our summer!

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